Gender Violence: A Major Driver of the Central American “Caravan” #uspolicyincreasesviolence#genderviolencecaravan

By Cecilia Menjívar and Shannon Drysdale Walsh | November 5, 2018 “If you have any dignity, you will get out of here” – The Salvadoran police telling Ms. A.B. that she should leave her aggressor, instead of helping protect her from him. Migrants from Guatemala and El Salvador, but mostly from Honduras, have been traveling north in […]

Domestic Violence Is Widely Accepted by 36% in Most Developing Countries #patriarchalsocieties #domesticviolence

Societal acceptance of domestic violence against women is widespread in developing countries, with 36 per cent of people believing it is justified in certain situations. Using Demographic and Health Surveys conducted between 2005-2017, researchers at the University of Bristol analysed data from 1.17 million men and women in 49 low- and middle-income countries. These findings, […]

Adolescent Health: Risks & Solutions – Young Women #adolescenthealth #adolescentrisks #WHO

Around 1.2 billion people, or 1 in 6 of the world’s population, are adolescents aged 10 to 19. Key facts ·         Estimated 1.2 million adolescents died in 2015, over 3000 every day, mostly from preventable or treatable causes. ·         Road traffic injuries were the leading cause of death in 2015. Other major causes of adolescent […]

Women of the Immigrant Caravan of Hope & Fear Central America to USA #immigrantcaravan #girlswomencaravan

Hondurans fleeing poverty and violence move in a caravan toward the United States in San Pedro Sula, Honduras The truth: Fear plus hope drive forward the Central America women in the long and arduous caravan walking to the US. Their future is unknown. Their numbers swell to 7000 +. The heat is intense. They are […]

Least Developed Countries Need Support #leastdevelopedcountries #foreignaid

Least developed countries in terms of income and ability to support their people need additional support from other countries. Cutting aid and dissolving support to these 47 countries contribute to human misery. The following three criteria are used by the UN to determine LDC status: Per capita income (gross national income per capita) Human assets […]