Sexist Laws Worldwide? USA included.

A rash of sex discriminatory laws – including the legalisation of polygamy, marital rape, abduction and the justification of violence against women – remains in statute books around the world. In a new report released here, the New York-based Equality Now has identified dozens of countries, including Kenya, Mali, Iran, Saudi Arabia, India, Democratic Republic […]

“Hunting Ground,” a documentary shocker about rape on American college campuses, goes right for the gut. #rape #campus#

A blunt instrument of a movie, its power largely derives from the many young women and some men recounting on camera how they were raped at their schools and then subsequently denied justice by those same schools. Their stories — delivered in sorrow and rage, with misting eyes and squared jaws — make this imperfect […]

Rebuilding After Domestic Violence: 5 steps #domesticviolence #resiliency

Finding the Costs of Freedom How women and children rebuild their lives after domestic violence Since there was no single, shared story there is no set formula for rebuilding lives. Yet within this diversity we identified the foundation stones that help facilitate the building of a new life. These were: having opportunities to explore domestic […]


Because of violence against girls and women we are now less than 50% of the population. Violence, including sex selection as practiced in China, for example, results in more males than females alive on the planet. This fact, and others just as important, are in this video of Gloria Steinem delivering the Justice Ruth Bader […]

Use the hashtag #LikeAGirl to dispel gender stereotypes: Join comedian Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls Campaign

Adopting the sentiment used in the Like A Girl advertising campaign, which made headlines last year, #LikeAGirl flips the tired old phrase on its head. Hurrah! Research commissioned by Always found that more than half of girls experience a drop in confidence around puberty and that most considered “like a girl” to be an insult. Amy Poehler’s […]