Holocaust – Horrors for Women – Day in Memory of Holocaust Victims

Jewish women from the Mizocz Ghetto in the Ukraine, which held roughly 1,700 Jews. Some are holding infants as they are forced to wait in a line before their execution by Germans and Ukrainian collaborators. [Photo credits: Main Commission for the Investigation of Nazi War Crimes] A Holocaust Photo Essay http://www.english.illinois.edu/MAPS/holocaust/photoessay.htm

Red Dress Exhibit in Washington, DC Calls Attention to Abused, Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women

By Theresa Vargas  – March 16, 2019 One resembles a prom dress, embellished with lace and flowers. Another has a collar and A-line flow that makes it perfect for brunch or a casual business meeting. Another features an open back and looks as if it could have been hung up after a date. It’s easy […]