Holocaust – Horrors for Women – Day in Memory of Holocaust Victims

Jewish women from the Mizocz Ghetto in the Ukraine, which held roughly 1,700 Jews. Some are holding infants as they are forced to wait in a line before their execution by Germans and Ukrainian collaborators. [Photo credits: Main Commission for the Investigation of Nazi War Crimes] A Holocaust Photo Essay http://www.english.illinois.edu/MAPS/holocaust/photoessay.htm

Is America Missing 2.5 Million Women Workers? #womenworkers

Fact 1: Millions of women are “missing” from the labor force compared to pre-recession levels. We calculate that 2.5 million or more women are not in the labor force as of 2018, compared to the decade preceding the Great Recession. Before the mid-1960s, a much lower share of women than men were in the formal […]


YES WE CAN gives students the opportunity to continue their education while waiting for asylum. Norbert Tsi for the Yes We Can World Foundation By Erica Sanchez  and  Leah Rodriguez Just a few miles from the US border in the Mexican city of Tijuana, an innovative education program is making sure migrant children don’t miss […]

“The Best” Countries to Be a Woman in 2019 – 129 Countries #bestcountrieswomen

Denmark is the country closest to achieving the goal of gender equality, according to a new report recently published by UK-based NGO Equal Measure 2030 — but no country has achieved total gender equality yet. Here is the full list of the top 10 best countries to be a woman in 2019, along with their […]

US Abortion Rights in Peril — What Clinicians Need to Know #abortion

by Elizabeth Nash, NEJM This year, 2019, has become a critical time for abortion rights, with an unprecedented surge of abortion bans sweeping across the United States. Through June 1, some 26 abortion bans have been enacted in 12 states, and many more have been introduced by state legislators. Yet state efforts to undermine abortion […]