Watch: 12 Women-Directed Movies Due in 2016 #bustle #womenhollywood

Good News!! Here’s where they belong…on the screen Read more here…read & watch below Many reviewers have asserted that summer 2016 hasn’t been a great movie season, and they’ve got a point. After all of the mediocre big-budget blockbusters and superhero movies of the past few months, it’s definitely time to welcome some new crisp […]

You Throw, Girl: Olympian Michelle Carter, Shotputter #yougogirl #olympicsshotputwomen #bodypride

You Throw, Girl: An Olympic Shot-Putter’s Feminist Mission The American shot-putter Michelle Carter, pictured here at this year’s Olympic trials, hopes to bring home a gold from Rio. Shot put has been part of the modern Olympics since the beginning, in 1896, but women did not compete in it until the 1948 Games, in London. […]