Women Bring Home the Bacon: sole wage earners in 1/3 of all American families #wages #msblog

  Today, over two-thirds of mothers are working in paid jobs outside the home—twice as many as were working         outside the home in 1965.   And their collective contributions are enormous: Mothers earned $960 billion in 2013. Indeed, a mother’s earnings typically account for 40 percent of her family’s income. In the poorest families, mothers contribute twice […]

Black Girls Forgotten? Gender & Racial Equality Matter #blackgirlsmatter #girlpower

Black girls are six times more likely than their white female counterparts to be suspended, and suspension can lead to expulsion, placing these girls at high risk of low-wage work and unemployment, homelessness and incarceration. Like their male counterparts, they mature into adulthood facing increased odds of being marginalized in the workforce, subject to high […]