5 Real Headlines Why Kids Must Play Outdoors #environmentaleducation #childhooddevelopment



Remember playing outside? In the woods? What if this playtime disappeared? A healthy environment might disappear with it. These are what we need to read about:


  • Children in Nature – an Endangered Species
  • Deep in the Forest…a Scientist is Born
  • Nature: You Can’t Care if You’re Never There
  • If a Tree Falls in the Woods and Everyone’s Inside…Will Anybody Care?
  • Outdoors: The Miracle Cure For Depression, Obesity, and Heart Disease.


The case for environmental education is more compelling than ever. Outdoor time is increasingly recognized for its benefits to children’s health and development. Learning in outdoor settings can boost academics as compared to traditional “walled” classrooms, and it helps create future conservationists. Dr. Peter Kahn has coined the term “environmental generational amnesia” to capture the idea that children can’t recognize environmental degradation without first having direct personal experiences with natural areas.


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