A 28-year old Rev King saw Negroes change their self-image on a bus implementing non-violence

“There comes a time when people are tired of being tossed across an abyss of bleak destruction..People are willing to substitute tired feet for tired souls.”mlk-montgomery-bus-boycott
Living as property since 1619 could have forever defined the American Negro’s idea of herself, but Martin Luther King Jr at age 28 named what happened as a “revolutionary change in Negroes’ evaluation of himself” that charged the Civil Rights Movement. Again, Rev King saw a future through its roots deep inside each person and spread the word.
As he explained Rosa Parks’ decision to sit where she chose on a segregated bus, it took a weekend for word to spread that another Negro had been mistreated. By Monday, the buses were empty and that boycott lasted, with hardship, for over a year through the organizing and talking of community-based groups in Montgomery, Alabama. The people asked for a First Come, First Served basis. After 381 days, Negroes chose where to sit and a country had to respect each other or end democracy.

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