#BoysGetMoreFromCoEdSchoolThanGirls: Girls Do Fine in Same-Sex Schools #bustle

Boys Benefit From Co-Ed Schooling More Than Girls, According To A New Study As an alumna of all-girl schools, I can tell you that the idea that girls in single-gender learning institutions are focused, charming little angels who never behave badly is laughably silly. (I’d like to formally apologize to all my teachers.) But single-gender […]

#OnlineViolenceAgainstWomen: 73% endured cyber violence & women 27 times more likely to be harassed online

  Cyber violence is just as damaging to women as physical violence, according to a new U.N. report, which warns women are growing even more vulnerable to cyber violence as more and more regions gain internet access. The report calls itself a “wake-up call” about cyber violence as a systemic concern, especially as technology is […]

Best/Worst Countries 4 Women #bestworstcountrieswomen #womensafety

/Worst Countries The Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security and the Peace Research Institute of Oslo launched the global Women, Peace and Security Index which measures women’s well-being by assessing factors such as inclusion, justice and security in 153 countries. Iceland leads the world ahead of Norway and Switzerland while the U.S. is in […]

Gun Control Facts: USA Shooting Itself #usaguncontrol #domesticviolenceguns

From 2009-2016 in the U.S., there have been 156 mass shootings—incidents in which four or more people were shot and killed, not including the shooter. These incidents resulted in 1,187 victims shot: 848 people were shot and killed, and 339 people were shot and injured.In addition, 66 perpetrators killed themselves after a mass shooting, and another 17 […]

USA: Challenges Gender Equality Especially 4 Women of Color #genderequityworkplace #corporatesexism

Inequality starts at the very first promotion. This is even more dramatic for women of color. Women remain significantly underrepresented in the corporate pipeline (Exhibit 1). From the outset, fewer women than men are hired at the entry level, despite women being 57 percent of recent college graduates. At every subsequent step, the representation of […]