The Rising Danger of Child Trafficking in Online Gaming #childtrafficking #onlinegaming

Emerald Lacy – Ask any young person and they can tell you about online gaming. Even if they don’t ‘game’ themselves, they have seen glimpses into this world. Top-earning YouTube gamers can make $10 million a year and have over 20 million subscribers. On all major social media sites, memes about online gaming are constantly circulating, […]

INTERSECTIONALITIES OF WOMEN’S & GIRLS’ RIGHTS & ISSUES #womensgirlsrights #intersectionalities

Want to know which issues affect girls and women? Here’s a list. *Poverty, Extreme Poverty *Right to Food, Nutrition/Malnutrition, Hunger *Health, Physical & Mental *Reproductive Rights & Health *Maternal & Infant Mortality *Education of Girls & Women, Literacy *Women & Girls with Disabilities *Water & Sanitation m *Women & Work, Formal & Informal Work *Child […]


Gender inequality is one of the oldest and most pervasive forms of inequality in the world. It denies women their voices, devalues their work and make women’s position unequal to men’s, from the household to the national and global levels. Despite some important progress to change this in recent years, in no country have women […]

Unique Substance Use in Women #substanceuse #women

Points to Remember ·         Women face unique issues when it comes to substance use. These differences are influenced by sex (differences based on biology) and gender (differences based on culturally defined roles). ·         Research has found many differences in how women and men use substances and react to substances. For example, women use drugs in […]