EcIntimate Partner Violence, Sexual Assault, & Stalking Economic Cost #economiccostviolence #stalking #abuse

   Percent of Victims Experiencing Abusive Behavior Affecting their Work, by Type of Abuse Intimate partner violence (IPV), sexual assault, and stalking have profound economic effects on victims and survivors. The physical aspects of violence often result in significant medical costs and time off from work. Expected lifetime income losses for adolescent victims of sexual […]


Victims Taking Control Scientists have created a self-testing DNA swab that could make it much easier to prosecute the perpetrators of sexual violence in poor and war-torn countries where victims typically have poor access to forensic tools. The new swab will allow victims to recover genetic evidence following a sexual assault, without the need for […]

How Free is the World? Freedom is Declining #globalfreedom #freedomhouse

Freedom in the World Key REPORT Findings *With populist and nationalist forces making significant gains in democratic states, 2016 marked the 11th consecutive year of decline in global freedom. *There were setbacks in political rights, civil liberties, or both, in a number of countries rated “Free” by the report, including Brazil, the Czech Republic, Denmark, […]

Masculinity Redefined: Younger American men less likely to say they are ‘completely masculine’ #traditionalmasculinity #yougov

Few areas of American life have seen as much change as the world of gender and sexuality. When the youngest retirees were born in the early 50s, women were expected to stay in the home and nurture the children while men were expected to serve as breadwinners, aloof from many of the mundane household tasks […]