Why Do Women Make Such Good Leaders During COVID-19? #womenleaders By Cami Anderson By the end of February, leaders across the globe were looking at the same facts: An invisible and dangerous enemy was fast approaching. COVID-19 was highly contagious, unpredictable, and deadly, even with an aggressive public policy response in China. So, what to […]


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths in a few months. In a matter of days, it shut down entire economies and societies. Though these drastic measures were necessary to limit spread of the virus, they have had severe effects on vulnerable children living in poverty.  Now more than ever, there is […]

“Absolute” by Jacqueline Woodson #blackpoetry

The summer I was ten a teenager named Kim butterflied my hair. Cornrows curling into braids  behind each ear. Everybody’s wearing this style now, Kim said. Who could try to tell me I wasn’t beautiful. The magic in something as once ordinary as hair that for too long  had not been good enough now winged […]

Women & Girls Are at Higher Risk During Pandemic – Magnifying Gender Inequality #higherriskgender #pandemic

For months, the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging our societies, our governments and ourselves. And it continues to gather pace. With uneven impacts. Women and girls are at higher risk, not due to any inherent vulnerability, but rather due to pre-existing discrimination and inequality. Indeed, COVID-19 has been a magnifying lens on the many negative […]

Women’s Mental Health – Impacts of COVID-19 #womenmentalhealth #covid19

By Maria Minor The past six months have been chaotic, uncertain, and stressful. Our lives have changed in ways we never anticipated. Some of us have worried about getting sick or having a loved one get sick, losing a job, getting laid off, schooling kids online at home, loneliness, despair, and lack of control over […]