The World’s Women 2020 – Trends & Statistics #worldswomen2020

Population and Families As of 2020, there are around 65 million fewer women than men in the world, about 3.8 billion women to 3.9 billion men. The ratio of males to females varies by age, however, and while males outnumber females at birth, with around 107 to 108 male babies for every 100 female births, […]

Men, Sex, Gender & COVID-19 #mencovid

Are men more at risk of infection? Across the countries where data is available, Global Health 50/50 finds there is no consistent pattern in terms of who is more likely to be diagnosed with COVID-19. A confirmed diagnosis means that a laboratory test has been undertaken. In other words, globally there are almost equal numbers […]

The Future of Advocacy – For Women #ADVOCACY

75% report advocacy is more difficult after COVID Feminists are adapting their advocacy tools in response to a virtual world when not everyone is online. About 84% of our members reported that their main advocacy tools and methods are still working for them. However, for 75% of our members,advocacy is reported to have been easier […]

Alarming Rise of Gender-Based Violence During COVID-19 Lockdowns #forciblydisplaced

Mónica Pérez* met her first boyfriend when she was 16, not long after she stepped off a bus in the Colombian border city of Cúcuta. When she discovered she was pregnant, her boyfriend started to hit her and call her names. After she went into labour, he dropped her off at the hospital, leaving the […]


BY ABBY VESOULIS  – The United States is in the midst of a crushing economic recession, COVID-19 infection rates are spiking, and thousands of schools and childcare facilities have yet to reopen in-person classrooms. The group bearing the brunt of this torrent of bad news? Women. Between August and September, 865,000 women dropped out of the […]

Cyber Violence Against Women & Girls #cyberviolence

Different forms of cyberviolence related to the sexual aspect of violence against girls and women LINK Non -Consensual Distribution of Images: A person’s sexual images and videos being shared without their consent or taken without their consent.●Posting or distributing sexually graphic images or videos online without a person ́s permission;●Revenge porn (is the term used […]