Caring for Siblings of Children with Disabilities #childrendisabilities #siblingsdisabledchildren

Having a child changes you into a parent, and as we all know, that is not a simple change; there’s nothing one-and-done about it. And having a seriously ill child changes you forever as a family; it’s important for everyone who tries to help families to understand that when one child in a family is […]

Challenges Faced By Immigrant Females #immigrantgirlswomen #solutionsimmigrantchallenges

30 million girls under age 15 worldwide are still at risk for female genital mutilation 5,000 women and girls worldwide are murdered every year for a perceived dishonor to their families 142 million girls worldwide will be married before age 18 by 2020 if present trends continue Full Report here

Who’s Living At Home? More Adults in USA #adultchildrenlivingathome #adultsinhouseholdrelated

Adults who live in someone else’s household typically live with a relative. Today, 14% of adults living in someone else’s household are a parent of the household head, up from 7% in 1995. Some 47% of extra adults today are adult children living in their mom and/or dad’s home, down from 52% in 1995. Other […]

By Age 7, Children Narrow Career Choices, Need More Role Models #genderstereotypes #diverserolemodels

Children’s career aspirations are too often based on gender stereotypes, socio-economic backgrounds and TV, film and radio, according to a report involving UCL academics. The report, of which UCL Institute of Education (IOE) is a partner, was launched by Education and Employers and found that children’s career aspirations only marginally differ from age 7 to […]