5 Ways to Close the Gender Gap for Women in STEM #gendergapSTEM

According to a new study, 91 percent of women who work in STEM admitted that gender discrimination remains a career obstacle. By Renee Morad – It’s a good time to be a woman who works in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics. In fact, career opportunities are on the rise for women in STEM, […]

PERCENTAGE OF WOMEN IN NATIONAL PARLIAMENTS #womenpoliticans #womenparliament

Ranking as of 1st October 2019: Find Your Country Rank Country Lower or single House Upper House or Senate Elections Seats* Women % W Elections Seats* Women % W 1 Rwanda 09.2018 80 49 61.25 09.2019 26 10 38.46 2 Cuba 03.2018 605 322 53.22 – – – – 3 Bolivia (Plurinational State of) 10.2014 […]

How Does Climate Change Affect Girls’ Rights? #girlsrights #climatechange

Education In periods of stress or crisis girls are often the first to drop out of school to help their families make money, do domestic chores or look after siblings. If they are out of school, they are less likely to learn about climate change and how to deal with its effects. Child marriage When […]