Blood Flows, Girls & Women Hide? Not Her. #menstruation #freetoflow

On April 26, 2015, dummer Kiran Gandhi woke up with stomach pain from menstruation cramps. Unfortunate timing, she thought: That morning she was scheduled to run the London Marathon.

Gandhi is no stranger to challenges: She toured as the drummer for M.I.A. and Thievery Corporation while studying at Harvard Business School, and spent two years working as an analyst at Interscope Records. On that April 26 morning, she turned a challenge into an opportunity. Instead of wearing a pad, tampon, or menstrual cup, Gandhi decided to take some Midol and just go running, letting her blood flow where it may.

An American doctor invented the modern tampon–and she decided not to use it.



She ran and started a conversation about menstruation and its impact on self-image and shame. Read the full story here.

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