Modern Slavery in the USA: 25 Types and Road to Freedom Report #sextrafficking #polaris #labor trafficking

Modern slavery is sex and labor trafficking. In The Typology of Modern Slavery, Polaris’s research team proposes a classification system that identifies 25 distinct types of human trafficking in the United States, including: ​ 1. Escort Services 14. Construction 2. Illicit Massage, Health, and Beauty 15. Hotels and Hospitality 3. Outdoor Solicitation 16. Landscaping 4. […]

$ Behind Trump, Bob Mercer, believes your worth is measured by your bank account #newyorker #trump$ #bobmercer #janemayer

Yes, it’s true. Money means you matter in the USA electorate. Government is now openly by, for and of billionaires. Deep or dark $ is making you poor except where it counts: you have a soul. Read: The Reclusive Hedge-Fund Tycoon Behind the Trump Presidency: How Robert Mercer exploited America’s populist insurgency. By Jane Mayer […]

How Does Life Live? Refresh with Video, 5 yr old Girl Asks Important Questions #girlsspeakout #Kellyobrien

“Where does the sun go? Can girls be robots? Why are some people pink and not all black? Why don’t worms have faces?” A little girl wants to know. Watch Video For over a decade I was a television producer who made independent autobiographical films on the side, but after my second child was born […]

1.7 million children die year of polluted environment: WHO #childrenp[ollution #WHO

WHO reports highlighted that children are exposed to harmful chemicals through food, water, air and products around them. More than one in four deaths of children under five years age can be attributed to unhealthy environments and every year environmental risks like indoor and outdoor air pollution, second-hand smoke, unsafe water, lack of sanitation and […]

Global Climate Change Calamity: Large Sections of Australia’s Great Reef Are Now Dead #greatbarrierreef #climatechange #globalcalamity

Severe bleaching last year on the northern Great Barrier Reef affected even the largest and oldest corals, like this slow-growing Porites colony. Credit Terry Hughes et al./Nature “Climate change is not a future threat,” Professor Hughes said. “On the Great Barrier Reef, it’s been happening for 18 years.” Corals require warm water to thrive, but […]