Ending Violence in Childhood: Global Report 2017 #endcholdhoodviolence #savechildrenfromviolence

  The report focuses on violence in three settings: Home and Families, Schools, and Communities and Public Spaces. Estimates from 2015 suggested that at least three out of four children worldwide (1.7 billion) had experienced some form of violence in a previous year. The report shows that most forms of violence are interconnected and a […]

Hypocrisy & Double Standards: Abortion #doublestandard #abortionrights

There are a few, rare exceptions that abortion opponents tend to allow to their hard-line rules: rape, incest, life or health of the mother, and “I got my mistress pregnant.” The most recent culprit in the category of anti-abortion double-think is Tim Murphy, a Pennsylvania Republican who on Thursday announced he would resign from his […]


CYCLES OF MOVEMENT BUILDING The questions below will help you assess Where You Are in Your Movement Building Strategy and what cycle might be most useful for you. There is also a list of Strategic Considerations below that we recommend you review as you shape your strategies. RISING UP Critical Awareness and Common Ground BUILDING UP Shared Issues, Organization […]

Women’s & Girls’ Leadership strengthens resilience to climate change #womenclimatechange #girlsclimatechange

“Women know what they want, what they need, and what can help them in times of disasters” Last year, the planet suffered the terrible impacts of one of the worst drought and hunger crises seen for decades. At the end of 2015, 30 percent of the global land area was in drought conditions, one of […]

A 10 Year Old Girl Is the Future! #weare10 #genderinequity #girlpower

HOW OUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON A GIRL OF THIS AGE We are 10! Whether we live in developing or developed countries, cities, villages or refugee camps, or come from rich or poor households, we all have hopes and dreams for the future. But, we will face different challenges on our journey to adulthood. Take a […]