Model Health Clinics 4 Women Must Prevail #publichealthwomen #plannedparenthood

“One woman dies in America of cervical cancer every two hours, and almost all these deaths are preventable. More will likely die if these clinics close.” I’m alive because a clinic such as the ones in this article discovered I had cervical cancer less than six months after I chose to have an abortion. A […]

Guiding Principles Supporting Migrant Women, Immigrants & Undocumented #nowomanisillegal #stepupwave #immigrantwomenrights

Women’s rights are human rights. Every woman who has experienced violence should be able to access protection, support and services.2.  Protection and safety come first. No woman should be turned away from a shelter because she lacks the valid paperwork. All women should be able to approach the justice system for help, with confidence and without […]

Engage Men in Sexual & Reproductive Rights & Health #genderlens #menreprorights

Six Steps to Designing Programs with a Gender Lens when Engaging Men in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Click here for the handbook referred to in this article Much of the guidance and tools in this publication are organized around six basic steps: Understanding gender and gender programming: a precursor to engaging men in […]