Recorded Increase in Human Trafficking, Women and Girls Targeted: 23% are girls

#humantrafficking #sexualexploitation Human trafficking is on the rise and it is more “horrific” than ever, a United Nations agency found. In a new report examining patterns in human trafficking, the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) found that the global trend has increased steadily since 2010 around the world. “Human trafficking has taken on […]

2019 Global Multidimensional Poverty Index #globalpoverty #poverty

Who is poor? Key findings ·         Across 101 countries, 1.3 billion people—23.1 percent—are multidimensionally poor. ·         Two-thirds of multidimensionally poor people live in middle-income countries. ·         There is massive variation in multidimensional poverty within countries. For example, Uganda’s national multidimensional poverty rate (55.1 percent) is similar to the Sub-Saharan Africa average (57.5 percent), but the […]

Comic Art Shows Subtle Ways Boys Are Taught to Devalue Women & Girls #boysdevaluegirls #comicart

Parents, teachers and other people around them play a large role in a kid’s life, socialization, and development. A lot of what happens in childhood can matter for a lifetime so it’s really important that everybody involved try their best to raise a mindful human being. However, it’s easy to mess up, after all, nobody’s […]