“No one teaches you how to be a dad,” so Dads turn to the Web

            Daddit has more than 34,000 subscribers — almost twice that of Mommit, Reddit’s site for moms. Copious evidence online suggests that dads want their own space there, whether public or private, to talk about their larger roles in the family (and to sometimes joke about them). “Daddy bloggers” have already earned large followings. But […]

What to do when a govt blows it? Form a shadow group and create alternatives. Palestinian youth work 4 gender-equal constitution #youthgovt

When their government issued a constitutional plan written by and for males, a few dozen Palestinian girls & boys came together to draft a gender-equity plan.  “I now feel that I have a right to speak up and say that women are equal to men and deserve the same opportunities,” says Ms. Bedawi. “I now […]

What to do in Time of War? Teach PEACE. #pakistan #girlsboyseducation #schoolbombings #peace

Students in Pakistan learning a peace curriculum By Bushra Qadim Hyder* About the Author Bushra Qadim Hyder is the Executive Director of Qadims Lumiere School and Master Trainer in Peace and Conflict Transformation for PAIMAN TRUST.   Peshawar, Pakistan, is my city. If you try to imagine what it’s like there, peace is probably the […]

What is a “Real” Woman? Cybersex: The Virtual is Political & Rape is Guilt-Free #feminist.com

Both these images are of virtual females–the woman is stalked in a video game. When Terre des Hommes created Sweetie, a virtual 10-year-old Filipina girl and put the image in internet chat rooms to lure pedophiles, “20,000 people from 71 countries contacted the fake girl asking for sexual performances“.  Video makers argue that because neither […]