Only Girl at Her Science Camp: Latinas and Science #girlsstem #genderprofiling

My 7-year-old daughter has pretend space launches in our living room. She loves Tinkerbell not because she has sparkly wings, but because she is a “tinker” fairy that can fix anything. Signing her up for summer camp should be a chance to simply let her grow and explore her interests as a budding scientist or […]

Watch A Mother’s Courage #childbrides #dukhtar

DUKHTAR – Pakistani Theatrical Trailer from Zambeel Films on Vimeo. The film was inspired by a news story of a woman in the tribal region of Pakistan who kidnapped her two young daughters to save them from becoming child brides, says writer and director Afia Nathaniel. “This image got stuck in my mind, of this mother fleeing […]

Women’s Freedom Flotilla Boats to Gaza: Food & Connection #gazawomen #freedomflotilla

  Several Freedom Flotilla boats have attempted to go to Gaza to show their solidarity with the two million Palestinians who are trying to survive in Gaza under the blockade which has been in place since 2006. European Parliamentarians expressed their support holding posters  ‘Solidarity with women’s boat to Gaza’ and they intend following closely […]

Study of Teenagers Asks: Who’s Happier, Boys or Girls?

Belgian and Polish adolescents are among the least happy in Europe, more than half the teenagers in Greenland smoke, and Eastern European boys are far more likely than girls to have had sex, according to a report from the World Health Organization. But over all, the report found, 15-year-old girls were perhaps the worst off […]