Think we’re past a Women’s Movement? Delhi bus rapist blames dead victim for attack because ‘girls are responsible for rape’

‘She should just be silent and allow the rape’: Mukesh Singh claimed Jyoti would not have died if she hadn’t fought her attackers. Indian government now forbidding further interviews. Warning: These statements are more brutal as he continues and his lawyers support him. One of the men convicted of gang raping a woman on a […]

Questions each of us can answer to make the world better for all

  A number of questions need to be asked to stimulate a debate towards a new feminist vision: Is there a feminist vision of a new world order? What does such a vision entail? What kind of a social order do we want to transform towards, without being utopian? Can local practices be induced to […]

Not a good day for Women: Turkey and Bill Cosby

Turkey’s President says women are inferior to men, and a journalist says a male celebrity’s status is more important than multiple allegations of rape. Time to move on and revel in equality, not prejudice. — GOVERNMENTAL UPDATE: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan set off a new controversy on Monday, declaring that women are […]