Cyber Violence Against Women & Girls #cyberviolence

Different forms of cyberviolence related to the sexual aspect of violence against girls and women LINK

Non -Consensual Distribution of Images: A person’s sexual images and videos being shared without their consent or taken without their consent.●Posting or distributing sexually graphic images or videos online without a person ́s permission;●Revenge porn (is the term used to describe when people (generally men) post naked pictures of their ex-partners (generally women) on designated revenge porn websites with their exes’ contact information, including phone number, email address, Facebook profile and home address, for the purpose of humiliating and getting revenge on their ex-partner, resulting in women being bombarded with harassing, degrading, and threatening messages from strangers); ●Sexual images/videos taken without consent (‘creep shots’ or ‘upskirting’);●Sexual images/videos taken consensually (=sexting) but shared without consent (‘revenge porn’);●Non- consensual sexual acts (e.g., rape) recorded digitally (and potentially shared).Exploitation, coercion and threats (= sextortion, could include “grooming”)

A person receiving sexual threats, being coerced to participate in sexual behaviour online, or blackmailed with sexual content.

This includes a range of behaviours, such as:●Harassing or pressuring someone online to share sexual images of themselves or engage in sexual behaviour online (or offline);●Using the threat of publishing sexual content (images, videos, rumours) to threaten, coerce or blackmail someone (‘sextortion’);●Online threats of a sexual nature (e.g., rape threats);

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