Do you have a story to share about boys or men helping to ensure gender equity?


Specifically, we will highlight the stories of individual men and boys embracing the principles of #HeForShe by taking actions at the local level. We believe it is important to share these stories to help inspire others to take action in ways that are personal and meaningful to them.  We also want to underscore the many countries involved in this campaign.

We are asking for your support in gathering these stories and visual assets that we will use over the course of the campaign. Specifically, we are looking for each Civil Society partner to share at least one local story that we can feature on our website and social media channels. The stories should be about an individual or group of individuals taking action on their own (rather than through the work of an organization) to support gender equality in their community. For example, we heard from one man who had formed a “husband school” to teach abusive men in his community to be better husbands and fathers.

We are open to all types of stories, but we have provided a form to help you gather all of the information we need.  It also provides specifications around visual assets. Would you please send us at least one story and visual assets, by 31 January 2015, to

Thank you in advance for your support with this important cause, and please do not hesitate to contact the HeForShe team with any questions:

#HeForShe Local Stories

Information Request – Please send, by 31 January 2015, to



#HeForShe individual or group


Age(s) of HeForShe(s)



Town/Village/City and Country



What has this person or group done at the local level to embrace the principles of #HeForShe? Stories of tangible actions are best. Details are welcome. We are looking for interesting and unique stories.




Duration of Action:

When did the action take place? Is it ongoing?






Quote from the individual that can be used on social media channels:

Quote that describes why they have taken this action and/or how the outcome has helped achieve gender equality at the local level.


Visual Assets:

Are you able to take a photo or video of the individual and/or the individual in action?  For example, if the individual has organized a weekly gathering of men to discuss issues related to gender inequality, you could provide a photo of the gathering?



High-resolution photo or HD video (1080p) shot horizontally in good light.


Follow up Information:

Are we able to follow up with the individual via the local UN Women National Committee if we have additional questions?




Please send, by 31 January 2015, to

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