“Feminist Barbies”? Project Mc2 dolls Promote STEM #STEM #PROJECT Mc2

mc2-trailer_w133MGA Entertainment wants to change the way young girls view science and engineering careers with its new line of Project Mc2 dolls (even though the dolls look anorexic). The line features four dolls and special kits to help girls perform their own scientific experiments at home. Netflix has also launched a three-episode series “Project Mc2” based on the doll collection that sees four young girls recruited for a spy organization because of their elite skills.

“Hopefully, this is just the beginning. We’d like to expand the project even further. Because if you’re [studying STEM] and your girlfriend is doing it, and your sister is doing it, how long before everyone is doing it, and then STEM becomes cool?” MGA CEO Isaac Larian said. More information in this link.

project mc2 doll with experiment brydens glow stick 1project mc2 doll with experiment camryns skateboard 1

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