GIRLS’ ATTITUDES SURVEY 2015 #girlsmentalhealth #bullying #girlsselfharming

imagesThis UK study echoes many global concerns in industrialized countries: Direct Link to Full 24-Page Report. What can you do to help girls in your life?

The issues affecting girls’ and young women’s health and well-being are wide-ranging. Whereas girls in 2010 were most worried about ‘traditional’ health risks like smoking, binge drinking and drug abuse, girls in 2015 highlight self-harming (75%), smoking (72%) and mental illness (69%) as top health issues.

Girls say that the adults around them don’t recognise the pressure young people today are under (82%).

Almost half of those aged 11 to 16 report experiencing bullying through social media (45%) – yet girls feel their parents are more concerned about drug use, alcohol and smoking.

Of those aged 11 to 21, 37% say they have personally needed help with their mental health, which is worrying when fewer than half of girls aged 11 to 16 say that they have talked about mental health during lessons at school (44%). Over half say they’d like to know more about where to get help and support (52%).

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