Girls Can Build #freedomtobuild #femaleengineers

(CLICK FOR VIDEO) Today in the United States, only 14% of engineers are women. Girls lose confidence in math and science, the building blocks of engineering, at around age eight.
This is a problem; engineers build the world around us, and we need the female perspective to have a better, more balanced country.
Engineers enjoy the highest entry-level salaries of any job sector, and are in the highest demand. There simply aren’t enough engineers to go around, yet we’re losing girls to a leaky pipeline that needs to be patched.
Girls are the greatest untapped resource for the future of this nation, and they deserve to have the tools and the confidence they need to build the brightest future for themselves and for this country.

Girls are smart.

Girls are proud.

Girls are brave.

Together, we can help them succeed.

Together, we can give them the #FreedomToBuild.

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