Gloria Steinem Brings Two Sides Together in Korea: Citizen Diplomats Crossing the DMZ #gloriasteinem #DMZcrossing


With the guidance of our supporter, Abigail Disney, GSO co-founder Gloria Steinem joined over two dozen women to cross Korea’s DMZ.

It is a rare occassion when the two warring sides of Korea can agree to allow a crossing calling for an end to the war between the two countries.

image003Ms. Steinem, center left and above right, and fellow activists march to the Imjingak Pavilion near Panmunjom.  “We were able to be citizen diplomats,” Ms. Steinem told the South Korean news media shortly after crossing the border. image004

They considered the endeavor a success. “We have accomplished what no one said can be done, which is to be a trip for peace, for reconciliation, for human rights and a trip to which both governments agreed,” Ms. Steinem told the South Korean news media.

The women — including the Nobel Peace laureates Mairead Maguire from Northern Ireland and Leymah Gbowee from Liberia — arrived in Pyongyang on Tuesday for the march, which they hoped would highlight the need to build peace and set the stage for Korean reunification by formally ending the war with a permanent peace treaty.

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