Guiding Principles Supporting Migrant Women, Immigrants & Undocumented #nowomanisillegal #stepupwave #immigrantwomenrights

  1. Women’s rights are human rights. Every woman who has experienced violence should be able to access protection, support and services.2.  Protection and safety come first. No woman should be turned away from a shelter because she lacks the valid paperwork. All women should be able to approach the justice system for help, with confidence and without fear.

    3.  Give them a way out, a way forward. Migration laws and policies often create dependency and increase women’s risk of violence. Eradicating violence against women is not just about protection and support, it is also about ensuring their autonomy and agency.

    4.  Solidarity against discrimination. Laws, policies and practices that limit migrant women’s access to services are discriminatory. This violates feminist values, and reflect institutionalised forms of discrimination that we must all reject.

 Now What? – Take the Next Step


  • Resist racism and the growing tendency to stigmatise and dehumanise migrants, recognising the gender dimension and impact of prevailing rhetoric and policies on migration.
  • Join the struggles of migrant women and embrace an intersectional agenda, and empower undocumented women by supporting their cause and their rights, and well as their efforts to organise and to mobilise.
  • Engage in human rights education to raise awareness of the situation of migrant women, and women facing intersecting forms of discrimination, and to promote ways of better supporting their rights and their needs in practice.
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