How Does Climate Change Affect Girls’ Rights? #girlsrights #climatechange


In periods of stress or crisis girls are often the first to drop out of school to help their families make money, do domestic chores or look after siblings. If they are out of school, they are less likely to learn about climate change and how to deal with its effects.

Child marriage

When families’ income and ability to survive are put at risk, child marriage can be seen as a way to reduce the financial burden of taking care of girls. 


During and after extreme weather events, girls are at increased risk of violence and exploitation, including sexual and physical abuse, and trafficking. These risks are heightened when collecting food, water and firewood or when staying in temporary shelters.

Sexual and reproductive health

Disruption to health services due to disasters increases unplanned pregnancies and sexual and reproductive health problems. A lack of access to education can also limit girls’ understanding of these issues.


Girls are more likely to go hungry when food is in short supply. Also, certain diseases may affect girls more than boys if they are already suffering from malnutrition or a lack of water, especially during menstruation, if they are pregnant or young mothers. 


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