How to create a girl’s positive body image: know what shapes it

At this time of year in many countries, girls face the fact they have poor body images and find it hard to celebrate from the inside out. 41ayRQktoqL._AA160_
Which factors affect body image?
Body image, whether negative or positive, is shaped by a variety of factors:
Comments from family, friends and others about our, their, and other people’s bodies, both positive and negative
Ideals that we develop about physical appearance
The frequency with which we compare ourselves to others
Exposure to images of idealized versus normal bodies
The experience of physical activity
The experience of abuse, including sexual, physical, and emotional abuse
The experience of prejudice and discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, ability, sexual orientation or gender identity
Sensory experiences, including pleasure, pain and illness
Many of these factors are controllable; some of them are not. Having a healthy body image involves understanding the controllable factors and taking steps to preserve this aspect of mental health. (Brown University)

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