In US, Trump Goes After National Monuments #Trumpmonuments #secretaryofthe interior


 All National Monuments Under Review

Land Monument

Marine Monument

No president has ever abolished a national monument designated by a predecessor. President Trump may try to change that.

Ryan Zinke, the secretary of the interior, is reviewing 27 national monuments to determine if previous administrations exceeded their authority in setting aside craggy vistas, ancient cliff dwellings and other large tracts of land for protection. He is expected to recommend that some be scaled back, or perhaps eliminated entirely and returned to state ownership.

NameLocationEstablished/expandedCurrent size (acres)
Ironwood ForestArizona2000128.9k
Sonoran DesertArizona2001486.1k
Vermilion CliffsArizona2000279.6k
Berryessa Snow MountainCalifornia2015330.8k
Carrizo PlainCalifornia2001204.1k
Giant SequoiaCalifornia2000327.8k
Mojave TrailsCalifornia20161.6m
Sand to SnowCalifornia2016154.0k
San Gabriel MountainsCalifornia2014346.2k
Katahdin Woods and WatersMaine201687.6k
Basin and RangeNevada2015703.6k
Gold ButteNevada2016296.9k
Organ Mountains-Desert PeaksNew Mexico2014496.3k
Rio Grande del NorteNew Mexico2013242.6k
Cascade SiskiyouOregon/California2000/2017112.0k
Bears EarsUtah20161.4m
Grand Staircase-EscalanteUtah19961.9m
Rose AtollPacific Ocean (Amer. Samoa)20098.6m
Northeast Canyons and SeamountsAtlantic Ocean20163.1m
Marianas TrenchPacific Ocean (N. Mariana Isl.)200960.9m
Pacific Remote IslandsPacific Ocean2009/2014316.9m
PapahanaumokuakeaPacific Ocean (Hawaii)2006/2016372.8m

No Longer Under Review, No Changes Recommended

NameLocationEstablished/expandedCurrent size (acres)
Grand Canyon-ParashantArizona20001.0m
Canyons of the AncientsColorado2000178.0k
Craters of the MoonIdaho1924/2000737.5k
Upper Missouri River BreaksMontana2001377.3k
Hanford ReachWashington2000194.5k

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