=Means= A Video and ERA Campaign #equalmeansequal #ERA

LOS ANGELES (WOMENSENEWS)—Hopes for an Equal Rights Amendment, or E.R.A., have long been kept alive by a stalwart group of diehards often working at the grassroots.

But currently it’s also got the help of some charismatic and high profile women, including Hollywood stars, who are trying to turn the klieg lights on it.

“With the upcoming 2016 election, we need to intensify the conversation around women’s issues and compel our lawmakers to protect the basic civil and human rights of American women by passing the E.R.A.,” Patricia Arquette says on a Change.org petition that calls for passage of the E.R.A. “It is time that we finally make this happen for ourselves, our daughters and for the future of our nation.”

Hollywood Actresses Embrace a Movie Starring the E.R.A.



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