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The leadership of the 100 largest international media corporations is dominated by men. Thirty corporations have no women whatsoever in their top management, according to new statistics compiled by Nordicom.

Nordicom has mapped men and women in CEO positions, positions in top management generally and seats on boards of directors, based on the list of the top 100 international media corporations published by the Institute of Media and Communications Policy in Germany. The result shows a significant lack of women among the leadership of these corporations.

Mostly men on all levels
The chart indicates a huge gender gap. The male dominance crosses national borders and is visible in all types of media corporations. On average, 80 per cent of directors are men, 17 per cent of top management officers are women and there are only six female CEOs leading corporations on the top-100 list.

“Men-only indicates a single-minded leadership in the media corporations. Not only because their products and services are aimed at both men and women. They are also probably missing out on competence”, says Maria Edström, one of the researchers behind the data.

Although the chart shows no clear patterns based on the location of a corporation’s headquarters, Asian corporations are more male-dominated than those in other regions, both in terms of their top management and their board members.

“Everyone is looking for new business models to save the media industry. Gender equality should be part of that equation”, says Edström.

The headquarters for the corporations on the top-100 list were located in 21 countries: USA, Japan, The Netherlands, China, Germany, Great Britain, France, Canada, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Sweden, India, Norway, Finland, Spain, Denmark, Portugal, Switzerland and Belgium. 

Download the fact sheet containing more information (pdf) 

Download the fact sheet containing more information plus a nordic appendix (pdf)

Download the full top-100 list, with sex-disaggregated data on CEOs, top management and board members (Excell)  

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