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    Obtaining momentum stocks are totally rule dependent and the re balancing of momentum shares can be done regular monthly after or quarterly once based on one’s chance hunger. I have presently described about it in robintrack alternative site detail in an additional reply, let me estimate that here.Kirubakaran Rajendran’s reply to Is there a doing work bot for trading? If of course, which one particular would you tips?Buy Higher & Promote even more greater is a stock choosing approach utilised by a lot of money. Allow me describe in detail how to select stocks by means of Quantitative method.There are tons of study on Momentum Investing. Its straightforward – Get Winners and Market Losers.Eugene Fama, the 2014 co-recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics and father of the efficient market hypothesis, and his equally properly-credentialed co-creator, Ken French, have did a tutorial analysis on momentum and academic scientists have examined stock data going back above 200 a long time and recognized a substantial and robust historical overall performance record. Momentum is nicely grounded, traditionally.The main reason Momentum has labored effectively in the past and can proceed to operate well is due to the fact it is mainly dependent on human thoughts which does not change at all. Momentum has historically been a great technique. Even though counter-intuitive to a lot of value buyers, acquiring shares with climbing prices has been a fantastic investment decision approach–arguably far better than benefit investing.Rules:Find the listing of shares that has generated maximum return in past one particular 12 months from NSE 500 or NIFTY 50 basket of stocks.Choose best 5 or top 10 of these shares. Invest in it. Re balance the portfolio on month-to-month or quarterly basis.Listed here is a snapshot of Leading ten momentum stocks as of September 2017.Bombay Dyeing inventory has momentum price of 333, which indicates that out of all NSE500 stocks this inventory has appreciated the most as of Sep 2017 (it moved from Rs.40 to Rs.176)