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    At the time a NACHI certified home inspector goes to the house for a home inspection you need to make sure that the seller provides him proper access from where he can inspect every area of the house. You need to ask the seller to remove storage containers away from wall to make it easy for the home inspector to check. In case he is not able to view any particular section of the house then he should indicate it in his report.Broad Categorization of House DefectsMost of the problems that are looked at during a home inspection can be broadly categorized into following:Tracing major defects such as some type of structural failure.Things which can cause major problems in future such as minor roof flashing leakage.Problems in the house which can create hindrance in financing the house, insure or occupy it.Safety related problems like electric panel with buss bar which is exposed.Home Inspection Tips for SellersA seller can expedite the home inspection process if he follows the under mentioned tips. If these suggestions are followed then it will result in smoother inspection and less number of concerns to solve before the closing.Check that electric, gas & water services are running. Additionally, make sure that gas pilot lights are properly burning.Avoid getting light inoperable report by changing burned out electrical items such as bulbs.Get rid of dead batteries so that they do not create problems during smoke tests and carbon monoxide detection.Check that air filters (HVAC) fit in properly.Clean out wood, stored items & debris kept near the foundation as home inspector may term it as ideal location for growth of termites.Clear the path leading to water heaters, HVAC equipment, electrical panels, crawl spaces, closets & attics so that these can be inspected properly.