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    How can you make ‘head and shoulder’ shots look professional and be less embarrassing for the subject? If you are being photographed, how can you get a result to be proud of?With the increasing availability of digital cameras it is becoming typical for companies to take their own pictures, whether these are for staff IDs, board member pictures, or to accompany publicity and PR articles. Sadly the staff member taking them seldom has any coaching and we end up with badly posed, uncomfortable looking subjects with far as well many chins and a light fitting growing out of their head.five suggestions for better photos1) Use a three-quarters pose to avoid the police mug-shot impact. Ask the topic to stand in front of you then turn so they are facing diagonally to the side, halfway between face-on and sideways. They then turn just their face back towards you. This appears natural and stops individuals worrying about their shoulders and arms. It is very flattering as it stretches the neck and the body is much more compact.2) Stand on something and take the photograph from a foot or so above the subject. When they tilt their head up at you, any additional chins will disappear and the viewpoint will emphasise their eyes!3) It might sound apparent but double check what is behind them. If that wall uplighter has been there for years you will not notice that your subject is wearing a rather odd hat until as well late. You have to quit and make a conscious work to really see the background.four) If your subject is seated and wearing a suit jacket, get them tuck the tail below and sit on it. Sounds bizarre but this will smooth out the wrinkles and odd crumples you invariably get around the shoulders. They will appear nicely-groomed and a far better shape.5) Fixed smiles look awful. Do not ask for ‘cheeeeese’ unless you want a strange grimace. Ask them to say a lengthy slow ‘Mondaaaaaaaay’ and you will get a truly good all-natural smile in the photo. Take plenty of shots. The first few will be fixed and awful but once individuals relax the pictures will get much better. Make a quip and get them to laugh… snap them whilst they are laughing, and whilst they have that ‘just-finished-laughing’ relaxed smile.Go to our web site if you intend to find out, share understanding, ask questions as well as get the most up to date news concerning Newton County Mugshots.