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    A history of arrest means that you currently have a police record. This consists of your mugshots, which anybody can access although the Freedom of Info Act. In fact, much more and much more individuals are finding to their horror that their mugshots from police records are now accessible to anybody on the web. A simple name search can reveal these embarrassing photos, which could imply serious consequences, particularly for someone who is applying for a job, a scholarship, or someone just trying to land a date.Solutions to Get Embarrassing Mugshots Out of the InternetAs an example, if you want to remove mugshots from, the only thing you can do is to appeal to the webmaster to take the info down. However, most webmasters often do not like being told what to do, and you cannot force him or her to take the photos down since it is component of public information. Even if the webmaster requires it down, if your photo is on a dozen much more sites, getting a favorable response from all of them is not most likely possible.It is common understanding that most employers do a background on-line search for job applicants. A mugshot from a DUI is not something that anyone would want a potential boss to see. Luckily, there are companies now providing options for those who want these embarrassing reminders of their past removed from the internet. In fact, you can even hire lawyers to facilitate the removal of these embarrassing photos from the internet.How Mugshot Removal WorksMugshot removal involves removing the actual web page from the offending web site. This means that when someone clicks on the hyperlink that leads to the web page, he is led either to the homepage of the website, or to a blank web page. Once this occurs, search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google require 1 to three days to crawl via the link, see that it is dead, and remove the hyperlink from their search index. As soon as this happens, when somebody searches for you, no much more search results that hyperlink to that offending web site will pop up.Mugshot removal entails the removal of mugshots from unrelated web sites so that your photo is not plastered on the screen each time somebody searches for you online. Mugshot removers take these photos down so that the only on-line source left is the original source, in the police website. This indicates that there is a slimmer opportunity of anybody seeing your police pictures, and even then the only information they have is the official police information, and not slanderous material that some bored internet user has posted on his website.Find out more regarding Habersham County Mugshots below.