Muslim Dolls to Inspire Girls ##muslimdolls #salamsisters

A Dubai-based company has created a set of dolls that it hopes inspires young Muslim girls to take pride in their faith and become community leaders.
The five Salam Sisters dolls were designed by Zileej, a faith-based creative company, to help Muslim girls feel connected with their roots and comfortable in their identities. The very first shipments of the dolls were sent out to customers in mid-August, the company said.
“We want young girls who don’t often see their cultural identities and faith represented in a relatable way to know that they can be proud of their backgrounds,” said Ansarullah Ridwan Mohammed, co-founder of Zileej. “We want them to see that all of who they are is uniquely beautiful — even when it sounds like the world is telling them that they don’t have the perfect hair, or skin color, or size, or religion.”

The idea for Salam Sisters started with Zileej’s co-founder Peter Gould. He was looking for dolls for his two young daughters that would help them feel empowered and connected to their family’s Muslim identity.

“He wanted to create representative toys that they would love,” Mohammed recalled. “With messages and stories that would inspire them to become leaders, and encourage them to boldly make positive contributions to the world.”

The Salam Sisters dolls are currently being sold online to customers in the U.K., U.S., Australia, and South Africa. The company hopes to open sales up to Canada, the Gulf states, and other countries in Europe and Africa in the near future.

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