Nearly 90 % of Men — & Women — Are Biased Against Women: UN Study #biasagainstwomen

By Alaa Elassar, CNN –

Almost 90 percent of men hold some form of bias against women, according to a new global UN report.

Surprisingly, 90% of women do, too!

The Gender Social Norms Index, which measures how social beliefs affect gender equality, was released by the United Nations Development Programme on Thursday.

Despite the progress that has occurred in closing the equality gap, researchers found that people’s beliefs still negatively impact women’s rights and equality.

For instance, the GSNI revealed that nearly half of the world’s population believes that men make better political leaders, and more than 40 percent believe men make better business executives.

It also found that 28 percent of men and women believe that men are justified to beat their wives.

The index was based on data from 75 countries that comprise 80 percent of the world’s population.

“Gender disparities are a persistent form of inequality in every country. Despite remarkable progress in some areas, no country in the world —rich or poor — has achieved gender equality,” the UNDP said in the accompanying report “Tackling Social Norms.”

Pedro Conceição, head of UNDP’s Human Development Report Office, said the findings reveal how far the world is from closing the gender equality gap.

Direct Link to Full 36-Page 2020 UNDP Report:

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