“No one teaches you how to be a dad,” so Dads turn to the Web


            Daddit has more than 34,000 subscribers — almost twice that of Mommit, Reddit’s site for moms.

Copious evidence online suggests that dads want their own space there, whether public or private, to talk about their larger roles in the family (and to sometimes joke about them). “Daddy bloggers” have already earned large followings. But now there is also a growing number of Internet communities, networks, forums and email lists delving into the joys, trials and even public-policy aspects of being a father.

The brotherhood of fathers has migrated to Twitter, where there were 112 million dad-related tweets in 2014, compared with 212 million about moms. (And about 2.5 million active Twitter users mention dad or father in their Twitter bio, the company said.) Find more links and topics here:

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