Old Habits Die Hard? Same-Sex Marriage May Challenge Tradition, But Equality Trumps History Again #samesexmarriage #gaymarriage

29SCOTUS2-master675As the United States’ highest court debates the legality of same-sex marriage, people around the world continue to fall in love and try to build a life together.

Most couples are heterosexual, and many find it easier to marry and claim rights than others depending on their country’s laws. No woman is prohibited from marrying a man or vice versa because marriage is considered a basic human right for them. This has been true for man-woman marriages for millenia in many places.

Now people in love with someone of the same gender want this basic right. How does it affect other, non-gay couples? Seems as if it doesn’t. So what is the problem? Religion gone haywire is one. Long-established definitions of marriage as heterosexual block visions of freedom. Does a dictionary rule or does a human need to connect and belong in a positive, constructive way take precedence?

Let’s hope that making loving relationships legal controls the debate and the law follows NOW.

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