One in Five Children in 41 Richest Countries in Relative Poverty #childrenpoverty #richestcountries

Shocking and sad info for change–{The United States performs poorly in the child equality rankings (see charts below)}.

One in five children in rich countries lives in relative poverty. And one in eight risks going hungry or not getting the right food.

A new Unicef report ranked 41 of the world’s wealthiest countries on how well prepared they are to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals most relevant to child well-being.

It warned that in many of the countries studied higher incomes have failed to improve the lives of all children. This was notably the case in the United States and United Kingdom, where one in five children faces food insecurity. In comparatively poorer Mexico and Turkey this figure rises to one in three.

Unicef defines relative child poverty as living in a household whose disposable income, taking into account the size of the family, is less than 50% of the median income for the country in which they live.

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