Outdoor play missing, so is healthy mind, body & spirit: 7 minutes a day outdoors, 7 hours with electronics #nationalwildlifefederation #natureisnurture

Today’s kids are indoors far more than their parents were, with only a quarter of children playing outside daily as compared to nearly three quarters a generation ago, even in rural areas.While contemporary parents spent their free time as kids exploring and playing in nature, their children devote only four to seven minutes a day to unstructured outdoor play like climbing trees, drawing with chalk on the sidewalk, taking a nature walk or playing a game of catch. Yet, kids spend more than seven hours each day in front of electronic media. Even preschoolers are not exempt. Most log an excess of 32 hours per week of TV, according to The Nielsen Company. By the time most children attend kindergarten, they have watched more than 5,0005 hours of television–enough time to earn a college degree.

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