What would a truly feminist world look like? #feministworld #oxfam

Imagine its 2050 and you wake up one bright and sunny morning – the world as you know it has changed, for the better. It’s an inclusive, diverse and respectful world – it is a feminist world. A world in which unpaid care work is valued and shared equally in households Unpaid care work is […]

Which are the world’s 10 most dangerous countries for women? US #10 #mostdangerouscountries

1. INDIA – Tops the list, with levels of violence against women still running high, more than five years after the rape and murder of a student on a bus in Delhi sparked national outrage and government pledges to tackle the issue. India ranked as the most dangerous on three issues – the risks women […]

Racial Discrimination Can Take A Heavy Toll on Latino & Asian Teens #racialdiscriminationteens #latinoasianteens

Latino and Asian adolescents who face racial or ethnic discrimination are more likely to experience depression, poor self-esteem, lower academic achievement, substance use and risky sexual behavior, according to a new meta-analysis published in the journal American Psychologist. The findings reveal that young people of Asian and Latino backgrounds were at greater risk for these […]

Working Mothers’ Challenges: How to Meet Them #workingmothers #damemagazine

Say the phrase, “working mother,” and watch Lisa Keller cringe. Not because she doesn’t believe in the working mother—after all, she is one—but because the phrase is a tautology. There hasn’t been a time in history where women haven’t worked. “One of the great, great fallacies in Western civilization is that women have come into […]