Link Between the Gender Wage Gap & Sexual Harassment #wagegapharassment #workplaceharassment

Money in industry is power. Add sexual harassment at work to the mix and women are further stymied. The effects described below can be subtle. Women, on average, earn around 80 cents for every dollar a man makes. The gap is even wider for African American and Hispanic women. Harassment can contribute to the wage gap […]

Teaching Boys to Explore Gender in Patriarchal Societies #boysfeminist #teachingboysempathy #

The problem lies in patriarchal social and political structures, which are inherently violent towards girls. (Suggestions are listed below). Deeply entrenched patriarchal mindsets tacitly condone gender-based violence and hegemonic views of gender. Boys are valued for their ability to protect and provide, while girls are valued for sexual, reproductive, and domestic labor. The widespread belief […]

Empowering Girls Through Sport: Tools #girlssports

Sport empowers. Six hundred million girls are growing up in developing countries today.1 International authorities, from the World Bank to the United Nations, agree that the most effective way to fight poverty in the world is to help girls and women. Over the last decade, sport has increasingly been used as a tool for empowering youth […]

8 young women share how they’re taking action in their communities #amnestyinternational #womenleaders #inspirationglobally

Sandra Mwarania, 28, Kenya I used to think human rights advocacy was just for professionals with a strong legal background. It’s not. At university, students aren’t listened to. When I was a student, I advocated for students to have an active, powerful voice on issues that mattered to them. Campaigning for youth rights was fun […]

Why More Girls & Women Continue to Join Violent Groups #violentgroupsfemales

By Farhana Qazi Violent extremists are masterminds at exploiting empathy and giving girls and women a false sense of hope. Over the past five years, an astonishing number of girls and women have joined violent groups. Statistically, the numbers are low and no more than fifty females have tried to join ISIS or offer ideological, material, […]

How Some Survive the Long-Term Trauma of Sexual Violence #sexualviolence #survivors

Photographs & Text by Kate Ryan After she was raped, this photographer asked 29 other survivors about their stories. The trauma of sexual violence is not something we fix. It is something we manage daily. It takes work. And that work is as messy and complicated as the individuals who live it. I aimed to […]