How Whales Became the Biggest Animals on the Planet: Reminder Big Can Mean Majestic

Take a break and explore a benign and beautiful creature. Whales are big. Really big. Enormously big. Tremendously big. Fin whales can be 140,000 pounds. Bowhead whales tip the scales at 200,000 pounds. And the big mama of them all, the blue whale, can reach a whopping 380,000 pounds — making it the largest animal […]

How 2 Build Resilient Children (Adults), Even After a Loss or in Hard Times#resilience #girlsstrengths

  HEADS-UP FROM ANDREA: THESE APPROACHES WORK FOR ADULTS, TOO. By SHERYL SANDBERG – APRIL 24, 2017 After my husband’s death, I set out to learn everything I could about how kids persevere through adversity. Two years ago, in an instant, everything changed for my family and me. While my husband, Dave, and I were […]

Women, Families and Violence: Changing Lives #dayoffamilies #maritalrape ##womensrightswithinfamilies

There can be no justification for violence against women and children! All family members must be protected against domestic and sexual violence. #DayOfFamilies What do we mean by “women’s rights within families”? Why are families important to women’s rights? Women’s rights to safety, resources and opportunities and their voice and agency can be either realized […]

How Many Teenagers Die Each Day? … Why? #WHO #teendeaths #teensolutions

The world loses about 3,000 adolescents each day. That adds up to 1.2 million deaths a year. And with a bit more investment, the majority of those deaths can be prevented, according to a global study released on Tuesday by the World Health Organization. That’s far fewer than the 16,000 babies and children under 5 […]