Boys Need Empathy (and dolls) #boysempathy #genderroles #wondercrew

“Boys (and girls) have feelings.” That’s the simple message behind Wonder Crew dolls, which Laurel Wider, a psychotherapist based in Northampton, Mass., developed in 2015 after her son came home from preschool and announced that his teacher had told him: “Boys aren’t supposed to cry.” Ms. Wider said she remembers feeling “floored.” “I couldn’t imagine […]

7 reasons the world needs the Girls’ Rights Platform

In 1997, Girls Speak Out published a Girls’ Platform composed by girls from 11 countries. This platform is compiled by representatives from a broad international community. The need is still urgent. We know that girls face discrimination in their communities, but it doesn’t end there. They are also being failed by the very legal frameworks […]

The Man Box: Rigid Gender Roles #manbox #malegenderroles

The Man Box report, is a study on young men’s attitudes, behaviors, and understandings of manhood. The research, conducted with a representative, random sample of young men aged 18 to 30 in the US, UK, and Mexico, reveals that most men still feel pushed to live in the “Man Box” – a rigid construct of cultural […]