Black History & Women People and Events in African American and African Women’s History By Jone Johnson Lewis – Women’s History Expert –  Women are half the human race, and they’re half of black history, as well. Here are some highlights bringing together black history and women’s history. Scroll through this list to find timelines of […]

SEXISM IN COMIC BOOKS: Distortion of Females as their Readership Now Equals Males #comicbooksexism #womenrespect

We need to keep pointing out sexism in comics, writes i09’s Rob Bricken, precisely because a double standard has existed for so long: “And now we’re trying to muddle our way to actual equality. Because comics have been traditionally made for an almost exclusively male audience, and the entire industry built itself around it; because […]

Remember what makes you wealthy as rich-wing takeovers happen: hint, it’s not $ #resisttrumpyears #wealthislove

Remember this as we enter the Trump years in the USA and other rich-wing takeovers globally: we need money to live, but what makes us wealthy is whom we love, who loves us, and how we demonstrate our love. Focus on your own values because the cultural values in the news will really be about […]

You: Year Ends, New Beginnings/ Women Refugees: Past Torn Away #womenrefugees #womenmigrants #womenidps

WOMEN REFUGEES, MIGRANTS, IDP’S, ACROSS THIS COMPLEX WORLD, LEAVE BEHIND MANY HEIRLOOMS, FAMILY TREASURES, PHOTOS, ITEMS OF PRECIOUS MEMORY Do you remember when you were a little girl, how your grandmother, the elder women of your family, gave you momentos, items to keep and cherish, as part of the weaving of family memories and treasures. […]