Study: Less Corruption in Countries Where More Women in Government #womeningovernment #lesscorruption

Women argue this is true. Now a study proves women are at better at governing. The new research is the most comprehensive study on this topic and looks at the implications of the presence of women in other occupations as including the shares of women in the labor force, clerical positions, and decision making positions […]

Muslim Dolls to Inspire Girls ##muslimdolls #salamsisters

The idea for Salam Sisters started with Zileej’s co-founder Peter Gould. He was looking for dolls for his two young daughters that would help them feel empowered and connected to their family’s Muslim identity. “He wanted to create representative toys that they would love,” Mohammed recalled. “With messages and stories that would inspire them to […]

Preventing Unsafe Abortion: 25 million worldwide #unsafeabortions # WHO

Key facts Between 2010–2014: On average, 56 million induced (safe and unsafe) abortions occurred worldwide each year. There were 35 induced abortions per 1000 women aged between 15–44 years. 25% of all pregnancies ended in an induced abortion. The rate of abortions was higher in developing regions than in developed regions. Around 25 million unsafe […]

Worst Countries in the World for Women #worstcountriesforwomen

While the Nordic countries dominate the best countries for women’s list, the lowest-ranking countries on the index are historically more unstable and volatile. Researchers: Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security, and the Peace Research Institute of Oslo’s Global Women, Peace and Security Index. The index measures women’s well-being — based on factors such as […]

Link Between the Gender Wage Gap & Sexual Harassment #wagegapharassment #workplaceharassment

Money in industry is power. Add sexual harassment at work to the mix and women are further stymied. The effects described below can be subtle. Women, on average, earn around 80 cents for every dollar a man makes. The gap is even wider for African American and Hispanic women. Harassment can contribute to the wage gap […]

Teaching Boys to Explore Gender in Patriarchal Societies #boysfeminist #teachingboysempathy #

The problem lies in patriarchal social and political structures, which are inherently violent towards girls. (Suggestions are listed below). Deeply entrenched patriarchal mindsets tacitly condone gender-based violence and hegemonic views of gender. Boys are valued for their ability to protect and provide, while girls are valued for sexual, reproductive, and domestic labor. The widespread belief […]