Private Violence – Documentary Film of Domestic Violence Survivor & Advocate Working for Change

On Halloween night 2008, Deanna Walters and her two-year-old daughter, Martina, were herded into her estranged husband Robbie’s 18-wheel truck. For the next four and a half days, Deanna endured a horrifying cross-country trip, suffering relentless brutality at his hands. Presented during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, PRIVATE VIOLENCE emphasizes the stigma domestic violence still carries for its victims – despite the fact that the most dangerous place for women in America is their own home: One in four women experiences violence there at the hands of an abusive husband or boyfriend every day. This timely documentary tells the stories of two women: Deanna, a victim turned survivor, and Kit Gruelle, a survivor who advocates for justice on behalf of Deanna and other battered women. Highlighting the complex, frustrating realities of the abuse women suffer every day at the hands of intimate partners, as well as the difficulties of prosecuting domestic violence cases, the film is a rare tribute to the extraordinary strength of the advocates and survivors working for change.

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