Raising Feminist Sons: Tell Them The Whys & Help them Name it!! #girlsspeakout!

Note: Good article but one glaring omission: please tell boys and girls what feminism is, why they might feel pressured to conform from a false belief, and what a patriarchy is. After 50 years of working with kids from preschool to high school, I can tell you they got it and just needed to Name it.

We’re now more likely to tell our daughters they can be anything they want to be — an astronaut and a mother, a tomboy and a girlie girl. But we don’t do the same for our sons.

Even as we’ve given girls more choices for the roles they play, boys’ worlds are still confined, social scientists say. They’re discouraged from having interests that are considered feminine. They’re told to be tough at all costs, or else to tamp down their so-called boy energy.

If we want to create an equitable society, one in which everyone can thrive, we need to also give boys more choices. As Gloria Steinem says, “I’m glad we’ve begun to raise our daughters more like our sons, but it will never work until we raise our sons more like our daughters.”

That’s because women’s roles can’t expand if men’s don’t, too. But it’s not just about women. Men are falling behind in school and work because we are not raising boys to succeed in the new, pink economy. Skills like cooperation, empathy and diligence — often considered to be feminine — are increasingly valued in modern-day work and school, and jobs that require these skills are the fastest-growing.

Let him cry

Give him role models

Let him be himself

Teach him to take care of himself

Teach him to take care of others

Images by Agnes Lee

Share the work

Encourage friendships with girls

Teach ‘no means no’

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