Sexual Exploitation of Children: Poverty not main cause #thecode #sextrade

The small puppet show performed about a strange foreigner who comes to a vulnerable child and trying to abuse him into a hotel room. Then by helping through the help line calling which donated by World Vision, a police has come to intervention in the case. For SHARE assignment s090413-2. Summary: Despite continuous rain, hundreds of people persisted in watching a four hour concert about ways to combat child sex tourism. World Vision Cambodia organized the concert on 09, April - in Preah Sihanouk province, a target tourist site in Cambodia, to raise awareness of the issue amongst people and inform them about ways of contacting the police. Kuoch Minea, age 13, who spend hours with his siblings watching the concert, stressed that child sex tourism is very bad because it impacted the lives of children. Project name: Child Sex Tourism Prevention Funding: Australia, Canada, United States, S.Korea, Taiwan Asia digital color horizontal

The small puppet show for at-risk children performed about a strange foreigner who comes to a vulnerable child and trying to abuse him and luring him into a hotel room.

Who are the Child Sex Tourists

A misconception is that all child sex tourists are pedophiles when, in reality, the majority of child sex tourists are what is known as “situational child sex tourists.”

Pedophiles are defined as individuals who have a clinical disorder characterized by an exclusive sexual inclination for pre-pubescent children (girls or boys), usually 12 years old and younger.

On the other hand, “situational child sex tourists” abuse children as a means of experimentation. They do this because they feel protected by the sense of anonymity and impunity that comes with being a tourist. Unlike pedophiles, these tourists DO NOT exclusively prefer children — instead, they interact indiscriminately with a variety of sex partners, including those under 18 years of age if the opportunity presents itself. Because organized criminals have created a thriving underaged sex market, situational child sex tourists find many opportunities to engage in illicit acts with minors.

Again, offenders can be both local and foreign persons, a man or a woman, from different age groups and social backgrounds.

Specifically, ‘child sex tourism’ refers to acts perpetrated by those who are traveling or using their status as tourists in order to sexually exploit children. It is considered to be a sub-type of child prostitution with clear links to the tourism industry.

Many child sex tourists are domestic travelers within their own country of residence. However, they can also be international tourists. Some international tourists visit countries with an explicit desire to engage in child sex exploitation, while others decide on the spur of the moment.  The one thing that these different types of offenders have in common is that they all UTILISE the tourism industry and infrastructure in order to contact children at that destination. This is one reason why it is so important for tourism companies to be proactive about combating child sex exploitation.

Cause & Factors 

Contrary to popular belief, poverty is not the main cause of commercial sexual exploitation of children. Although many exploited children are seeking financial security and trying to survive on their own, there are several other key factors that also contribute to the prevalence of child sex exploitation.

One huge factor that fuels sexual crimes against children is the DEMAND for sexual contact with children. Opportunistic individuals and organized criminals take advantage of the demand for child sex by generating a constant SUPPLY of vulnerable children. They identify potential victims and bring the supply to the demand, creating a veritable child sex market. As a result, vulnerable and victimized children become a means of massive profit generation for these opportunists.

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