Shop Much? Eat? Drink? So do store workers. Walmart paying $9 hr and wants kudos?


Common sense is often defeated by capitalism. Workers worrying about food and rent are distracted, and their energies are divided. Pretending that everyone is fine making an hourly wage that means working two or three jobs harms families as well as individuals. Walmart is notorious for having workers on state-assisted food and medical care because they are underpaid. The Walmart family is among the wealthiest in the country. Costco, whose average shopper’s household has a $100,000 yearly income, and Trader Joe’s are among the stores who pay well and weigh the welfare of its employees on the profit-scale. At least there are models in the marketplace.

One theory about Walmart’s decision to raise the hourly pay as the USA’s largest employer is that because of falling unemployment, the job market is tighter and the company sees its profits fall if they can’t hire people to do the hard job of running the floor.

I’m sure the decision is not based on Walmart’s concern for its employees.

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