Syrian Brothers Drown & EU Watches #UNICEF #syria #refugees

Pictured is Aylan, 3, and his brother Galip, 5, from Syria. The boys and their mother drowned off Turkey in a desperate attempt to flee war.

We’re devastated by the tragic image of Aylan which has sparked an outpouring of emotion. The world cannot look away from what needs to be done. All refugee and migrant children need urgent protection, without any discrimination based on their nationality, residence or migration status, or race. We urge a fairer distribution of responsibility across the EU for saving lives and protecting all those in need – and to combat racist and xenophobic views vilifying refugees and migrants. UNICEF

UNICEF's photo.

Heart-breaking images of children’s bodies washing up on the shores of Europe, lying suffocated in the backs of trucks crossing borders, being passed over barbed wire fences by desperate parents.

Child refugees and migrants must be protected at all times – with health care, food, education and adequate shelter that keeps families together. Trained child welfare experts should be deployed and search and rescue operations must continue – not only at sea, but also on land. Our statement on the child refugee and migrant crisis in Europe:

02open_turkey-articleLargeUNICEF's photo.

Aylan’s body is carried onshore.

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