Training: Virtual and Real

Times and Costs: Flexible times and a sliding scale of costs will be discussed with you. We work together to make training a memorable experience for you and your workshop associates.

Facilitator/Organizer Training: Want to help girls and boys realize their empathy, resilience and strengths and explore root causes not just symptoms? This is the place to find what you and the participants need.

  • Facilitators (lead the workshops) and Organizers (find a site, recruit participants including girls, boys and adult supporters) are WOMEN ages 19 years old and up.
  • You contact us, and we will send you a form to submit that helps us know how to ensure you succeed. A facilitator is often the organizer and women have worked in pairs.
  • Our Handbook and phone/email/Skype contacts during training take place on a mutually agreed upon training-appointment schedule.
  • We can create a  girls/boy/co-ed workshop schedule for you that lists which activities take place when during the workshops and how to be flexible depending on the attendees.
  • Participants are ages 9 to 17 years old and they attend free of charge.
  • We will show you how to find a site, and be sure snacks, lunch and supplies are donated or affordable because we are experienced in helping ensure no one is disappointed or over-extended.
  • Sliding scale for training starts at $100 payable in installments.




Supportive Adult Training: Want to ensure your workshops helpers benefit and encourage girls/boys to take charge? We have a simple approach to helping them give their best and thrive. Once you’ve enrolled, we show you how transformative it can be to stimulate the best in people who want to empower girls and boys.

  • We try to have what you need on hand. Our decades of training have shown us how to inspire you.



For Girls’ Workshops: 15 girls max and 3 women supporters will benefit from your training.

For Boys’ Workshops: 15 boys max and 3 male supporters will engage in novel and refreshing talks.

For Co-ed Workshops: 15 girls and boys with 2 female and 2 male supporters will thrill at what the participants can create without artificial boundaries and misinformation in the room.