Ways to Volunteer In Person and on Social Media

Girls and women can work with each other and boys and/or men to:

  • Change the world on your own or with us
  • Hashtag your way to a true self
  • Participate in a workshop
  • Share stories with anyone they choose
  • Organize a social media campaign or action or newsletter
  • Be leaders
  • Be safe and decide when to take risks
  • Train to offer workshops wherever you are
  • Be smart and make mistakes
  • Talk about strengths and challenges and childhood experiences–re-evaluate secrets
  • Have rewarding relationships with females and males
  • Train women to offer local workshops and global support
  • Ask for and give support
  • Take yes as an answer
  • Say or yell no as an answer
  • Join our Network
  • Find and celebrate your unique true self
  • Keep your true self all your life
  • Be comfortable with and accepting of your and other’s differences, what makes you and them special
  • Trust yourself, listen to your inner voice
  • Check inside as part of making choices
  • Make dreams a reality
  • Create your own standards and reject stereotypes
  • Invent your own way to resist prejudice
  • Resist what is unfair
  • Yell, whisper or be silent
  • Rock and Rule