Watch A Mother’s Courage #childbrides #dukhtar

DUKHTAR – Pakistani Theatrical Trailer from Zambeel Films on Vimeo.

The film was inspired by a news story of a woman in the tribal region of Pakistan who kidnapped her two young daughters to save them from becoming child brides, says writer and director Afia Nathaniel.

“This image got stuck in my mind, of this mother fleeing with her child. What would make an illiterate woman in the middle of a small village in a deeply conservative part of the country do that? The idea of her courage stayed with me and I found myself writing a road trip thriller — of a mother and daughter on the run,” says Nathaniel.

In Pakistan according to Nathaniel, one of every five girls under the age of 18 is married off as a child bride.  

“It’s a pretty stark statistic and if you look at other countries around the world you’ll find that over 15 million girls lose their childhood to marriage. That’s a staggering number,” says Nathaniel. “It was important to break the silence of this issue all around the world.”

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