Where do the poorest 880 million people live? #leastdevelopedcountries

About the Least Developed Countries – LDCs

The Least Developed Countries represent the poorest and weakest segment of the international community. They comprise more than 880 million people (about 12 per cent of world population), but account for less than 2 percent of world GDP and about 1 percent of global trade in goods. Their low level of socio-economic development is characterized by weak human and institutional capacities, low and unequally distributed income and scarcity of domestic financial resources. They often suffer from governance crisis, political instability and, in some cases, internal and external conflicts. The category of LDCs was officially established in 1971 by the UN General Assembly. The current list of LDCs includes 48 countries (the newest member being South Sudan); 34 in Africa, 13 in Asia and the Pacific and 1 in Latin America.


Africa (34)

2Benin19Malawi #
3Burkina Faso #20Mali #
4Burundi #21Mauritania
5Central African Republic #22Mozambique
6Chad #23Niger #
7Comoros *24Rwanda #
8Democratic Republic of the Congo25São Tomé and Príncipe *
10Equatorial Guinea27Sierra Leone
12Ethiopia #29South Sudan #
15Guinea-Bissau *32Uganda #
16Lesotho #33United Republic of Tanzania
17Liberia34Zambia #
Asia Pacific (13)
1Afghanistan #8 Nepal #
2Bangladesh9 Solomon Islands *
3Bhutan #10Timor-Leste *
4Cambodia11Tuvalu *
5Kiribati *12Vanuatu *
6Lao People’s Democratic Republic #13Yemen
Latin America and the Caribbean (1)
1Haiti *

* Also a Small Island Developing State

# Also a Landlocked Developing Country

UN PROGRAMME OF ACTION FOR THE LEAST DEVELOPED COUNTRIES 2011-2020http://unohrlls.org/UserFiles/File/IPoA.pdf


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