Why planning families outrages people–#plannedparenthood #prolie #womensrights #prochoice

planned-parenthood-logo-horizontal-white-400x50400px-Planned_parenthood_supportersPlanning a family means having control over your bodies; forever, women controlling their bodies and destinies has been anathema to many men. Conceiving and carrying a baby to term is unique to females no matter where or how the fertilization occurs. Why this inability to give birth is so tortuous to so many is a mystery. It certainly is what it is–a simple biological fact. Another fact is that some diseases can be cured by studying fetal tissue, which is not nor has it ever been sold by a women’s rights group such as Planned Parenthood.

Creating a video series, such as the so-called Center for Medical Progress has recently done, that is edited to convey a lie about selling fetal tissue and providing abortions for a purpose so repugnant is not true of Planned Parenthood. It is about those who will not stop until they have control over every step of human reproduction. These so-called pro-life groups are pro-lie. The lives that matter to them are those they can control for pleasure, profit (how much does a nanny and housekeeper cost?), and to maintain a much-criticized tradition of male domination, by men and women.

Currently, the Planned Parenthood website is down because it has been hacked. In some circumstances, this is an act of domestic terrorism. It’s terrifying that these fraudulent videos have gained traction. In the coming weeks, California’s Attorney General, Kamala Harris, will be conducting an investigation. What’s disturbing here is the willingness to stymie progress on research that has saved lives and attack a health-care facility that provides essential health services to mostly poor women. Slick videos and canned speeches by unscrupulous politicos have a staying power, but their power is nothing compared to the power of the women it is bringing together.

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