Will big money destroy females’ and males’ hopes of equality? A level playing field with billionaires’ rules? Watch this trailer.


The documentary CITIZEN KOCH tells the story of the changing American political landscape through the eyes of three Wisconsin state employees, all lifelong Republicans, who suddenly find their party taking direct aim at them, stripping away the economic ground their families have built and depended on for generations. Aided by a PR blitz by out-of-state Tea Party groups, Gov. Walker successfully shifts the blame for the country’s financial problems away from Wall Street’s wild west practices and onto school teachers, sanitation workers, prison guards and nurses – many of whom were the very voters who elected him to office. After Walker rams through his “reforms,” a bi-partisan grassroots movement to recall him begins. But the recall movement collides with the Tea Party-aligned “Americans for Prosperity,” founded and lavishly financed by the world’s richest men — billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch, who are among Scott Walker’s biggest financial supporters. As Republican working class voters witness the Tea Party takeover, they are torn between loyalty to the GOP and the realization that their own party has made them the enemy.

Alternately terrifying and wickedly funny, CITIZEN KOCH asks a defining question: will big money destroy not only the Republican Party, but our democracy itself?


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