“Once I knew how to describe and name what happens to girls here and all over the world, I realized it wasn’t my fault. I’m not lonely. I feel like I belong. Thanks.”  Maria, 13, Puerto Rico

“Now I know that boys and girls have the same wishes and issues. This can make me happy for a long time and have more fun.” Peter, 14, Kenya


For Girls, Boys and Co-Ed Groups: Our goal is to level the playing field and create a safe and inspiring place for each person’s true self to shine. Amazingly, the information the workshops bring and the way it is delivered have resonated globally.

* Our workshops are filled with activities, stories, listening, eating and talking (see our Handbook). We usually meet from 10AM-4PM on two Saturdays in a row. About 12-15 participants and two or three adults help and share their experiences when it’s appropriate. Girls meet first, then boys, then co-ed groups. Of course, you can organize for girls and/or boys and/o co-ed only, but we suggest a progression from girls to boys to co-ed workshops.

* We can modify our usual schedule, adapting our content to fit different schedules, including weekly club meetings.

* Training can be distant, as it often is, and we have a Handbook and online and phone consultations throughout the process.

* Training costs are on a sliding scale. Workshops are free to participants.

* Why are our facilitators always women? In piloting and working with diverse groups and individuals, we have found that a female voice helps make the idea that females can lead real in an important context.


For Girls: We train women to work with small groups of girls ages 9-18 years old.

For Boys: Our facilitator is female, and men act as supporters for small groups of boys ages 9-18 years old.

For Co-ed Groups: Our facilitator is female, and our adult supporters are female and male for small groups of girls and boys ages 9-18 years old.